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Address Database

Address data covering the entire country plays an important role in GIS applications. GeoTechnologies address data reflects the latest municipal mergers and administrative boundaries, ranging from prefectures to house numbers, with municipalities, districts and streets in between. The data also supports multiple languages.

Address (block, street and house number)

Address (Block, Street and House Number)

Up-to-date addresses are provided throughout Japan. Each address is separated into five layers and contains precise coordinates.

- Address points are quickly updated as municipal mergers occur or administrative boundaries change
- Address data with character symbols (e.g., A, B, C, etc.) are also offered
- Each block is linked to a postal code
- Data is also available in English, Chinese (traditional and simplified) and Korean

Postal code

Postal Code

Postal codes are linked with latitude and longitude coordinates, including post office boxes and large offices

- Latitude and longitude coordinates are attached to every postal code in Japan (both 7-digit and 3-digit codes)
- Postal codes are available for addresses, buildings, major clients of Japan Post and post-office boxes
- Postal codes can be used as keywords in searches

Geocoding service

Geocoding Service

GeoTechnologies can add latitude and longitude coordinates to addresses provided by customers. Spelling variations (e.g. 「ヶ」 or 「ケ」, 「の」 or 「ノ」 ) in address character strings can be handled appropriately. Output data will show the level of detail of each address, such as the street or house number. This solution is perfect for displaying an address list on a map in customer management or area-specific marketing activities.